You may not be aware of it yet though YTA 2017 will be organised in Vilnius.

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and its largest city, with a population of 539,939 as of 2014. The city is located in the south-east part of Lithuania and is the second largest city of the Baltic states. The first known written record of Vilnius as the Lithuanian capital is known from Gediminas’ letters in 1323.


Vilnius is known for its Old Town of beautiful architecture, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Its Jewish influence until the 20th century has led to it being described as the “Jerusalem of Lithuania” and Napoleon named it “the Jerusalem of the North” as he was passing through in 1812. In 2009, Vilnius was the European Capital of Culture, together with the Austrian city of Linz.


Vilnius got some world attention when its former eccentric mayor decided to send a firm message to anyone parking illegally on his city’s streets. In a publicity stunt designed for the internet age, the mayor, Arturas Zuokas, was at the controls of the eight-wheeled camouflaged vehicle as it rolled over a Mercedes car illegally parked in a cycle lane.

Vilnius has many element to offer whether you decide to join us for Youth Trainers’ Academy 2017 or go for another occasion.