In Zero Generation, we believe that Non Formal Education is a learning path which supports the development of individuals. These soft skills training methods provide means for participants to improve their attitude at work, develop their skills and might even positively influence their future behaviour.

We chose to provide an event which would be an opportunity to Youth NGO members to develop as Youth trainers.

Through various learning methods, they’ll be able to practice trainers’ skills that will equip them to design and deliver quality training programme to their audience.

The project “Youth Trainers Academy” emerged from the need for an international event that offered to educate European youth from various countries and NGOs as Youth trainers.
While such events exist within certain larger Youth NGOs already, these are closed off to external participants, thereby making it difficult for certain smaller or less structured NGOs to have trainers within their ranks.

The Goals of the event are for participants:

– To develop a professional and ethic youth trainer attitude;

– To develop soft skills that will be handy for training delivery and training program design;

– To be able to design, deliver, evaluate and follow-up an effective training program;

– To develop strategies and a personal network for further development of individual skills, and broaden personal knowledge on their own after the event.
* be aware of NGOs training system and what is expected from them as trainers.
* grow their trainer’s knowledge, experience and practice further
* create a group network among participants and trainers, with a future perspective

Next to learning from experienced NGO trainers, YTA Participants will have the opportunity to develop their personal network with their peers.

YTA Graduate will create their support group and be able to shape their trainer’s career path on their way to self-development while empowering their future participants.