Call for Trainers YTA 2016

# DL to apply 24th of August 2016 23:00 CET


Hello Trainers!


Here is the Trainers’ call for YTA 2016. Here below you will find information related to:

– General information about the event

– Expectations towards YTA Trainers

– How to apply

– Selection criterias

– and who you can contact for questions


Let’s go! 🙂


==== General Event Information ====

* What: YTA 2016

* Dates for trainers:  23th November – 6th December 2016

* Dates for participants:  26th November – 5th December 2016

* Organisation: Zero Generation

* Place: Vilnius, Lithuania

* Working time: 12 working days including pre/post YTA.

* Accommodation and catering will be provided for the whole duration of the event

* Travels costs will be refunded (up to 200 € per Trainer)

Youth Trainers Academy 2015 YTA Vilnius

YTA 2016, Vilnius, where past and present joins to build the future

==== Expectation towards YTA trainers ====

* Be a Trainer… (Seriously, it did happen in the past!)

* Be example, knowing what it takes as you will be in these situations 😉

* Be a team player.

* Take active part in the online preparations of the event from October on

* Be fully available during the event including pre-YTA ( 2 days – for final preparations) and post-YTA (1 day – for evaluation)

* Set learning goals of YTA sessions and design the event with other trainers.

* Analyse strong NGO TNT points, improvement points and synthesize it within an event schedule.

* Coach your trainees before, during and after the event

* Get involved 120% during the event (deliver, coach, interact with 20 participants max, trainers AND organisers)

* Document properly sessions you will be responsible for and co-delivering (including writing reports)

* Give a hand on logistic as we might be on our own

* … be a model of PMA!

We are looking for 4 additional Trainers.


==== How to apply ====

If you are willing to join us, we are expecting from you:

– Motivation letter (2 pages maximum);

– TNT/TtT experience (if any);

– Design of a creative session based on the document attached here

(In case of several files, please ZIP them in a folder);.

– Review of your trainers’ career

(Date – Session name – Session topic(s) – Duration – Event) ;

– Your availability before and during the event;

– Trainer to refer to for additional information.

When all elements are ready, please send them as attachment in an e-mail to  with the topic entitled: [YTA2016] Application: MyTrainerName

Before the 24th August 2016 23:00 CET.

By 1st September, you will receive result about your application result..


==== Selection criteria ====

When selecting, we will take into consideration:

* your motivation,

* availability,

* background,

* your experience,

* attitude as trainer,

* the elements of the session you’ll design,

* inputs about your referrer and NGO,

* the expected match with the other trainers of the team.

… and the subjectivity of the selectors from Zero Generation.

====  Contacts  ====

For any question related to the event, your role or anything else, please send your mail to:

Will you join us?